Bactericidal Hand Soap 500ml Pump

Odour-free this Bactericidal Hand Soap is especially suited for use in the catering or food supply, preparation and processing industries or in medical or pharmaceutical environments but is also ideal for use in washrooms, toilets, shower rooms and baths in all other industries.  Complies with BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13727.


Ensures cleanliness and good hygiene, especially important in critical areas.

Ensures no possibility of tainting to foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals.

May be used for hand cleaning and/or for showering & shampooing - keeps your personal products inventory under control.

pH controlled:                       
Balanced to the natural pH of the skin to ensure optimum freedom from irritancy.

Triclosan Free:                       
Ensure personal cleanliness and good hygiene without risking the environment.

Wet the skin then apply one or two lots from the dispenser on to the palm of the hands. Work in thoroughly for at least 30 seconds taking particular care with the nails and cuticles.  Rinse away with plenty of clean, preferably warm, water and dry hands thoroughly with paper towels or hand-dryer. 

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Bactericidal Hand Soap 500ml Pump

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