Steelite Trainer S1P | Grey


Offers reliability, comfort and safety. Steel toecap and midsole, dual density and energy absorbing seat region features provide a long lasting comfortable style. Scuff cap design increases longevity of the safety shoe.

  • CE certified
  • Protective steel toecap
  • Steel midsole
  • Anti-static footwear
  • Energy Absorbing Seat Region
  • SRC - Slip resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces
  • Fuel and oil resistant outsole
  • Dual density sole unit
  • Pierce resistant steel midsole

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Steelite Trainer S1P | Grey

  • Portwest (manufacturer)
  • FW61 (product code)
  • Views: 308
  • £12.50 (Ex VAT)
  • £15.00 (Inc VAT)