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CE Knee Pad, Black, | R

Innovative knee protection conforming to the latest European regulations. The KP44 is ideal for trad..

£6.89 (Ex VAT) £8.27 (Inc VAT)

High Density Kneepad, Black, | R

It uses high density polyurethane which is strong enough and thick enough to both protect your knee ..

£5.46 (Ex VAT) £6.55 (Inc VAT)

Kneeling Pad, Black, | R

This type 3 kneeling mat is all about convenience. It is one of the most useful and versatile PPE pr..

£2.63 (Ex VAT) £3.15 (Inc VAT)

Lightweight Kneepad, Black, | R

So lightweight you wont even know you are wearing it. Designed to wraparound your knee moulding to i..

£6.30 (Ex VAT) £7.56 (Inc VAT)

Pair of Knee Pads, Black, | R

The ultimate in knee protection and wearer comfort. Ergonomically designed knee pads providing durab..

£4.20 (Ex VAT) £5.04 (Inc VAT)

PW - Ultimate Gel-Filled Kneepad

Description ..

£13.40 (Ex VAT) £16.08 (Inc VAT)

PW Ultra Knee Pad, Black, | R

The PW Ultra Knee Pad is constructed using a large concentration of neoprene giving it extremely goo..

£3.78 (Ex VAT) £4.54 (Inc VAT)

Super Gel-Filled Kneepad

Description ..

£15.53 (Ex VAT) £18.64 (Inc VAT)

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