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DRAPER 3.6 x 3.6M Polythene Dust Sheet

Ideal for home decorating. Can also be used as a dust sheet curtain. Packed in polythene bag. ..

£4.32 (Ex VAT) £5.18 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 300mm Heavy Duty Soft Grip Stripper/Scraper

Long handled scraper with angled head, which provides extra leverage, ideal when stripping large are..

£7.34 (Ex VAT) £8.81 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 38mm x 230mm Medium Pile Paint Roller Sleeves

Suitable for use with 230mm paint roller frames. Polybag with label. ..

£2.10 (Ex VAT) £2.52 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 460-540mm Carpet Stretcher (Knee Kicker)

Five stage adjustable length knee kicker with variable height pins for gripping the carpet when stre..

£75.72 (Ex VAT) £90.86 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 5L Mini Paint Scuttle

Suitable for use with paint brushes, rollers and paint pads. Sold Loose. ..

£3.42 (Ex VAT) £4.10 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 7.2 x 1M Cotton Dust Sheet for Stairways

Special dust sheet for use on stairways and in stairwells. Packed in polythene bag. ..

£12.22 (Ex VAT) £14.66 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER ABS Plasterers Hawk 330 x 330mm

Rigid ABS and handle with callous protector. Display packed. ..

£11.75 (Ex VAT) £14.10 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER Expanding Foam Gun

Zinc, with steel barrel and trigger. For use with most sizes of expanding foam aerosol canisters. Di..

£17.82 (Ex VAT) £21.38 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER Soft Grip Window Scraper

Ideal for removing dry paint from glass windows. Blade retracts to safe position. Uses single-edge r..

£3.51 (Ex VAT) £4.21 (Inc VAT)

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