DescriptionThe CAT Boreas Insulated Puffer jacket is made to keep you warm and dry. Reinforced abras..
£74.99 (Ex VAT)
£89.99 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionWith advanced pocketing, wire management, warm quilted insulated lining, and adjustable h..
£62.50 (Ex VAT)
£75.00 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionStyle, comfort, and warmth for an unbeatable price make the Concord Fleece series the per..
£23.50 (Ex VAT)
£28.20 (Inc VAT)

The DASSY® Minsk will undoubtedly become your sidekick for the winter: it is completely waterpr..
£78.20 (Ex VAT)
£93.84 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionPipe bending is a great skill to have and helps make a very professional job. Whether it ..
£69.99 (Ex VAT)
£83.99 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionAs the UK's No.1 Best Selling TorchThe SuperFire 2™ is the Original, The Best and The Hot..
£79.98 (Ex VAT)
£95.98 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionEarthing is an important part of pipe installation, especially copper pipe where a s..
£16.53 (Ex VAT)
£19.84 (Inc VAT)

Features Specifications Modified operation-mode ..
£136.99 (Ex VAT)
£164.39 (Inc VAT)

Grip It® MAXSeamless knitted liner with three-quarter injection moulded thermoplastic elastomer coat..
£4.95 (Ex VAT)
£5.94 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionOne of our more popular gloves. This latex rubber coated glove offers excellent dexterity..
£1.67 (Ex VAT)
£2.00 (Inc VAT)

Description • Nylon Glove.• Polyurethane palm coated.• Machine Knitted.• Integral elasticated wrist..
£1.15 (Ex VAT)
£1.38 (Inc VAT)

Cut Level - DIf you are having trouble with which cut you may require please see our guide just belo..
£4.95 (Ex VAT)
£5.94 (Inc VAT)

With the Glade 500ml Lavender Air Freshener, you will be able to keep your work or home en..
£2.83 (Ex VAT)
£3.40 (Inc VAT)

DescriptionThis toilet cleaner has a distinctive Toilet Duck neck to make application quick and easy..
£1.99 (Ex VAT)
£2.39 (Inc VAT)

Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and more, the Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner disinfects by ..
£3.16 (Ex VAT)
£3.79 (Inc VAT)

Overview1 x 6 Rolls2 - PLY150m - Length190mm - Width60mm - Core Si..
£20.25 (Ex VAT)
£24.30 (Inc VAT)

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