Eye Protection
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Visitor Safety Spectacle | Clear

Visitor Safety Spectacle | Clear CE certified99% UV protectionAnti-scratch coating for added durabil..

£1.05 (Ex VAT) £1.26 (Inc VAT)

Alair Safety Glasses

Incredibly light, resilient & durable protective eyewear for all-day wear.Closefitting unitary f..

£3.43 (Ex VAT) £4.12 (Inc VAT)

PW15S - Fossa Safety Glasses - Smoke

Fossa safety spectacle provides wrap around coverage for a panoramic view, thanks to the excellent p..

£4.20 (Ex VAT) £5.04 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Cortez® Safety Glasses - Clear

Durable co-injected temples.Ribbed cushioned nosepiece.Lens Markings: 2 C - 1.2 P 1 F N CELens: poly..

£3.95 (Ex VAT) £4.74 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Ever-Lite® Safety Glasses

Introducing the Pyramex Ever-Lite® glasses, a perfect blend of lightweight construction and stylish ..

£3.95 (Ex VAT) £4.74 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Fyxate Safety Glasses

The Pyramex Fyxate safety glasses are the perfect option when durability is paramount. These glasses..

£4.95 (Ex VAT) £5.94 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Proximity® Safety Glasses - Clear

Lightweight spectacle- 26.3gm.9.5 base curve lens provides excellent side protection.Removable flame..

£8.10 (Ex VAT) £9.72 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Velar Safety Glasses

Introducing the Pyramex Velar Safety Glasses, the ultimate choice for reliable eye protection in dem..

£8.91 (Ex VAT) £10.69 (Inc VAT)

Pyramex Ztek Anti-Fog Safety Glasses New

Pyramex Ztek Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Introducing the Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses, crafted with a single wrap-around lens for an expansive..

£2.45 (Ex VAT) £2.94 (Inc VAT)

Bolle Tracker 2' Spec/Goggle

Features & Benefits:Upper and lower protectionMedium impact protectionChemical protectionComfort..

£12.49 (Ex VAT) £14.99 (Inc VAT)

Levo Safety Spectacle, Clear, | R

The Levo spectacle is a hybrid of a safety glass and goggle. This concept offers the comfort of a sa..

£7.50 (Ex VAT) £9.00 (Inc VAT)

JSP Amazon K Rated Specs Clear Lens

Latest twin lens with integral side shielding.Adjustable ratcheting side arms ensure optimum fit.Con..

£6.84 (Ex VAT) £8.21 (Inc VAT)

Bolle B Line Safety Spectacle BL30

Upper protection• Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch coating on both sides of the lenses• Lightweight• Stop..

£2.49 (Ex VAT) £2.99 (Inc VAT)

Profile Safety Specs

These frame-less safety glasses are designed for safety, comfort and style. Wrap around design with ..

£2.95 (Ex VAT) £3.54 (Inc VAT)

JSP Stealth LED Clear Anti Mist Glasses

Stealth LED™ is version of our popular Stealth 8000™ safety spectacle with integrated LED lights. Th..

£5.95 (Ex VAT) £7.14 (Inc VAT)

B-Brand Florida Safety Spec (Grey Lens)

Description• Grey Lens• High performance eyewear• Anti-fog lens• Ventilated nose and temple• Contras..

£2.50 (Ex VAT) £3.00 (Inc VAT)

Bolle Safety Spectacle Contour

Description21g of power guarantees against the risk of impact from solid particles.Sturdy, protectiv..

£8.99 (Ex VAT) £10.79 (Inc VAT)

Bolle Rush Twilight Safety Spectacle

Panoramic field of view• Upper Protection• Adjustable non-slip bridge• Non-slip Temples• Anti-scratc..

£6.89 (Ex VAT) £8.27 (Inc VAT)

Bolle Viper Spectacle

21g of power guarantees against the risk of impact from solid particles.Sturdy, protective, stylish,..

£6.75 (Ex VAT) £8.10 (Inc VAT)

JSP Amazon™ - Smoke K Rated

Latest twin lens with integral side shielding. Adjustable ratcheting side arms ensure optimum fit. C..

£5.95 (Ex VAT) £7.14 (Inc VAT)

Performance Wrap Around Safety Glasses - Yellow - CLEARANCE

Description• Lightweight• Polycarbonate lens (PC lens) with intergrated nose bridge• Conform to EN16..

£2.95 (Ex VAT) £2.95 (Inc VAT)

Panvision Safety Goggle

Clear safety goggle with panoramic field of vision. Offers superior protection against harmful splas..

£4.15 (Ex VAT) £4.98 (Inc VAT)

Uvex Ultrasonic goggles (UV protection)

Product Description • Permanent lens coating technology: anti-fog coating on the inside and scr..

£11.49 (Ex VAT) £11.49 (Inc VAT)

Flip up welding goggles

When using oxyacetylene for gas cutting or welding, the GWFU offers high performance with a shade fa..

£4.25 (Ex VAT) £5.10 (Inc VAT)

Slim Safety Goggle | Clear

Extremely lightweight premium goggle. Manufactured from a high tech material, combining hard and sof..

£4.71 (Ex VAT) £5.65 (Inc VAT)

General Purpose Goggles

Designed for use in tough work environments, this goggle protects against extreme impact (up to 268m..

£1.54 (Ex VAT) £1.85 (Inc VAT)

GCP - Premium Click Goggle - Orange

Description• Wide vision lens.• Unvented.• Soft and flexible for extra comfort.• Adjustable wide hea..

£7.16 (Ex VAT) £8.59 (Inc VAT)

BOBLAPSI - Bolle Blast Goggle AS/AF - Vented

Polycarbonate, wraparound lens with ventilation ports. Protection against dust, liquid and molten me..

£10.90 (Ex VAT) £13.08 (Inc VAT)

BOSUPERV - Bolle Blast Visor Attachment

Optional visor attachment for Bolle SUPERBLAST safety goggles.Easy to use – can be fitted or removed..

£6.99 (Ex VAT) £8.39 (Inc VAT)

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