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CPE Disposable Overshoes pack 100 (50 pairs) | Blue

DescriptionOur CPE Overshoes are a simple and effective solution to your hygiene needs. Available in..

£3.75 (Ex VAT) £4.50 (Inc VAT)

D118 PP Visitor Coat (200pcs) | White

Disposable PP Visitors CoatAvailable in five generous sizes this jacket is worn extensively in food ..

£128.00 (Ex VAT) £153.60 (Inc VAT)

DuPont Proshield 30 Coverall - White

Description ProShield 30 suits combine good particle protection with high liquid repellency.Spe..

£3.99 (Ex VAT) £4.79 (Inc VAT)

ST43 Sleeve PP/PE 60g (150) - WHITE

BizTex Microporous Sleeve Cover - Type 6PBThe ST43 sleeve cover is breathable for wearer comfort. El..

£52.50 (Ex VAT) £63.00 (Inc VAT)

ST44 Shoe Cover PP/PE 60g (100) | WHITE

BizTex Microporous Shoe Cover - Type 6PBThese protective overshoes are designed for use in all work ..

£45.00 (Ex VAT) £54.00 (Inc VAT)

ST45 Boot Cover PP/PE 60g | White| Pack of 200

ST45 - BizTex Microporous Boot Cover Type 6PBElastic to the top of the cover allows for a safe barri..

£94.00 (Ex VAT) £112.80 (Inc VAT)

ST47 Knit Cuff Sleeves (150 pairs) | White

BizTex Microporous Sleeve with Knitted Cuff - Type 6PBEN 13034 TYPE 6 PBSold in Boxes of 150 pairs -..

£75.00 (Ex VAT) £90.00 (Inc VAT)

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