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BSDS - Disposable Boilersuit Standard | White

If you're looking for head to toe disposable protection, look no further than our PP Non-Woven Dispo..

£2.28 (Ex VAT) £2.74 (Inc VAT)

D118 PP Visitor Coat (200pcs) | White

Disposable PP Visitors CoatAvailable in five generous sizes this jacket is worn extensively in food ..

£128.00 (Ex VAT) £153.60 (Inc VAT)

DA42BL - Disposable Aprons, Blue,42 x 27 (100 pk)

Description• BLUE colour• Halter neck and ties around the waist• Bacteria and fluid penetration resi..

£8.29 (Ex VAT) £9.95 (Inc VAT)

Disposable Aprons x100

Disposable apronsKey features:Halter neck with ties around the waistBacteria and fluid penetration r..

£8.29 (Ex VAT) £8.29 (Inc VAT)

Disposable PVC Overshoes x100 (50 pairs)

Our disposable PVC overshoes are a simple and effective solution to your hygiene needs. Available in..

£3.75 (Ex VAT) £3.75 (Inc VAT)

DS100W - White Disposable Sleeves, 100 (50 pair) - STOCK DUE 31st MAY

 Offering simple, effective protection, these oversleeves are great for food handling and wet w..

£3.15 (Ex VAT) £3.78 (Inc VAT)

MCDB - Mob Cap Disposable, Blue, Pack 100

Description• Soft and lightweight hair net• Fully elasticated cap• Made from non woven fabric• Stand..

£5.10 (Ex VAT) £6.12 (Inc VAT)

ST43 Sleeve PP/PE 60g (150) - WHITE

BizTex Microporous Sleeve Cover - Type 6PBThe ST43 sleeve cover is breathable for wearer comfort. El..

£52.50 (Ex VAT) £63.00 (Inc VAT)

ST44 Shoe Cover PP/PE 60g (100) | WHITE

BizTex Microporous Shoe Cover - Type 6PBThese protective overshoes are designed for use in all work ..

£45.00 (Ex VAT) £54.00 (Inc VAT)

ST45 Boot Cover PP/PE 60g | White| Pack of 25

ST45 - BizTex Microporous Boot Cover Type 6PBElastic to the top of the cover allows for a safe barri..

£31.08 (Ex VAT) £37.30 (Inc VAT)

Supertex SMS Type 5/6 Coverall - White

Made of lightweight spun-bond-melt blown polypropylene (SMS) to provide protection, duality for use ..

£6.85 (Ex VAT) £6.85 (Inc VAT)

Micro porous Disposable Xpert Coverall Type 5/6 - White

Disposable microporous coverall with hood and elasticated openings. Offers protection against s..

£7.85 (Ex VAT) £7.85 (Inc VAT)

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