Fire Extinguishers
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FECD2 - Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers - 2 kg

DescriptionThe aluminium 2kg CO2 extinguisher is used for situations involving flammable liquids and..

£48.83 (Ex VAT) £58.60 (Inc VAT)

FEF1 - AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher 1 Litre

DescriptionThis 1 litre Foam extinguisher is ideal for multi-risk usage where A and B class fires ar..

£35.51 (Ex VAT) £42.61 (Inc VAT)

FEF2 - AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher - 2 litre

DescriptionThe 2 litre foam extinguisher is the 2nd smallest Foam extinguisher. They are ideal for m..

£39.02 (Ex VAT) £46.82 (Inc VAT)

FEF6 - AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher - 6 litre

DescriptionThe 6 litre foam extinguisher is the most popular foam extinguisher. With the 21A 144B ra..

£43.53 (Ex VAT) £52.24 (Inc VAT)

FEF9 - AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher - 9 litre

DescriptionThe 9 litre Foam extinguisher is the largest portable foam extinguisher. This product ach..

£50.33 (Ex VAT) £60.40 (Inc VAT)

FEP1 - ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher - 1 kgs

DescriptionThe 1kg Dry Powder extinguisher is suitable for class A, B and C fires, meaning it can ta..

£18.12 (Ex VAT) £21.74 (Inc VAT)

FEP2 - ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher - 2 kgs

DescriptionThe best choice of extinguisher for a van or small commercial vehicle is the 2kg Dry Powd..

£26.16 (Ex VAT) £31.39 (Inc VAT)

FEP4 - ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher - 4 kgs

DescriptionThe 4kg Dry Powder extinguisher covers Class A, B and C fires making it suitable for most..

£42.84 (Ex VAT) £51.41 (Inc VAT)

FEP6 - ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher - 6 kgs

DescriptionAnother popular extinguisher is the 6kg Dry Powder extinguisher. It is a highly versatile..

£42.65 (Ex VAT) £51.18 (Inc VAT)

FEP9 - ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher - 9 kgs

DescriptionThe 9kg Dry Powder extinguisher is very popular. It's ability to tackle A, B and C class ..

£68.90 (Ex VAT) £82.68 (Inc VAT)

FEW6 - Water Fire Extinguisher - 6 Litres

DescriptionThe 6L Water Extinguisher is widely recognised and trusted by re-sellers and end users al..

£41.12 (Ex VAT) £49.34 (Inc VAT)

FEW9 - Water Fire Extinguisher - 9 Ltr

DescriptionThe 9litre Water Extinguisher is widely recognised and trusted by resellers and end users..

£51.03 (Ex VAT) £61.24 (Inc VAT)

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