Chemical Spill Kits & Sorbants

Chemical Spill Kits & Sorbants
Chemical Spill Kits & Sorbants
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KSP20 - 20 Litre Superior Danish Moler Granules

DescriptionFast-acting Danish diatomaceous earth absorbent high-performance granules for exceptional..

£13.53 (Ex VAT) £16.24 (Inc VAT)

PBC350 - Chemical Boom 0.12 X 3m (Pack Of 4)

DescriptionSpill safety chemical booms are designed to control the flow of hazardous fluid on concre..

£173.69 (Ex VAT) £208.43 (Inc VAT)

PHC002 - Chemical Sheets (Pack Of 200)

DescriptionHalf the thickness of pads or rolls ensures that a greater surface area can be covered. S..

£90.03 (Ex VAT) £108.04 (Inc VAT)

PJC002 - Chemical Pads (Pack Of 100)

DescriptionAdsorbent pads are made from meltblown polypropylene. Economical yet effective, these pad..

£88.94 (Ex VAT) £106.73 (Inc VAT)

PKC040 - Chemical Kit 15 Litre

DescriptionThe kit is suitable for small chemical spills and is often found in laboratories. Chemica..

£32.72 (Ex VAT) £39.26 (Inc VAT)

PKC060 - Chemical Kit 30 Litre

DescriptionThe kit is suitable for small spills and can be carried on forklift trucks to facilitate ..

£56.27 (Ex VAT) £67.52 (Inc VAT)

PKC110 - Chemical Kit 90 Litre

DescriptionChemical sorbents will pick up all but the most aggressive of chemicals as well as oils a..

£234.49 (Ex VAT) £281.39 (Inc VAT)

PSC331 - Chemical Socks 0.08 X 1.2m (Pack Of 25)

DescriptionCost effective method of containing and adsorbing hazardous liquids and will assist the c..

£118.60 (Ex VAT) £142.32 (Inc VAT)

SM70 - PW Spill Chemical Sock, Yellow, | R

DESCRIPTIONThe chemical sock is perfect for environments where fast, effective containment and contr..

£98.18 (Ex VAT) £117.81 (Inc VAT)

SM75 - Spill Chemical Roll (Pk2), Yellow, | R

DescriptionThe chemical roll can be used on walkways or as independently torn off pads. Ideal for in..

£102.69 (Ex VAT) £123.23 (Inc VAT)

SM80 - Spill Chemical Pad (Pk200), Yellow, | R

DESCRIPTIONPerforated single spun bonded layers gives excellent tensile strength and rapid absorptio..

£73.92 (Ex VAT) £88.70 (Inc VAT)

SM90 - Spill Chemical Kit 20L Pk6, Yellow, | R

DESCRIPTIONNew chemical control response kit. Smaller size allows conventional storage and easy port..

£127.89 (Ex VAT) £153.47 (Inc VAT)

SM91 - Spill Chemical Kit 50L Pk3, Yellow, | R

DESCRIPTIONThis kit can be used in exterior and interior environments. Reinforced construction of pa..

£143.85 (Ex VAT) £172.62 (Inc VAT)

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