Chainsaw & Forestry ppe and workwear for arborists and individuals working in the forestry industry.
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Oak Chainsaw Protective Glove

DESCRIPTIONDesigned to offer maximum protection and comfort whilst performing chainsaw tasks. Protec..

£12.65 (Ex VAT) £15.18 (Inc VAT)

Chainsaw Bib & Brace

This Oak model has 9 layers of protection to the front of each leg and is mainly intended to be used..

£79.59 (Ex VAT) £95.51 (Inc VAT)

Chainsaw Jacket

DESCRIPTIONThis jacket is designed to work perfectly with the Oak chainsaw trouser and bibs in the P..

£45.81 (Ex VAT) £54.97 (Inc VAT)

Chainsaw Trousers

DESCRIPTIONThe Oak trouser has all the protection you need with 9 layers to the front of each leg. d..

£70.55 (Ex VAT) £84.66 (Inc VAT)

Forestry Combi Kit

DESCRIPTIONProfessional Combi kit, containing: - Vented ABS safety helmet with wheel ratchet, adjust..

£25.10 (Ex VAT) £30.11 (Inc VAT)

JSP EVOLite® Forester

EVOLite® Forester The EVOLite® Forester is a kit combining our EVOLite® safety helmet and an assemb..

£64.66 (Ex VAT) £77.59 (Inc VAT)

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