First Aid Miscellaneous

First Aid Miscellaneous

First Aid Miscellaneous 

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Accident Record Book (1)

Accident Record Book (1)Accident record Book (1)Brand: Qualicare Products. ..

£5.10 (Ex VAT) £6.12 (Inc VAT)

Cetrimide Cream 15g

Cetrimide Cream 15gCetrimide cream 15g    Brand: Qualicare Products. ..

£2.49 (Ex VAT) £2.99 (Inc VAT)

Foil Blanket - PACK OF 5

Foil Blanket - PACK OF 5Ideal for all rescue and sports activities where there is a need to maintain..

£6.99 (Ex VAT) £8.39 (Inc VAT)

Guidance Notes (1)

Guidance Notes (1)A guidance booklet detailing basic first aid application required to be supplied i..

£3.99 (Ex VAT) £4.79 (Inc VAT)

Safety Pins Bag (10 x 6)

Safety Pins Bag (10 x 6)Set of 6 safety pins     Brand: Qualicare Products. ..

£0.98 (Ex VAT) £1.18 (Inc VAT)

Scissors Budget 13cm

Scissors Budget 13cmStandard first aid scissors    Brand: Qualicare Products. ..

£0.70 (Ex VAT) £0.84 (Inc VAT)

Thermometer Digital Centigrade

Thermometer Digital CentigradeThe thermometer also has anautomatic shut off to preserve battery life..

£6.99 (Ex VAT) £8.39 (Inc VAT)

Thermometer Ear Digital

Thermometer Ear DigitalThis Product has a Long Life performance, isa safe means of measuring human b..

£23.99 (Ex VAT) £28.79 (Inc VAT)

Tuffcut Scissors 14cm

Tuffcut Scissors 14cmTough cut scissors, ideal for cutting plaster cast and bandages and also for se..

£1.37 (Ex VAT) £1.64 (Inc VAT)

Tweezers Flat 3"

Tweezers Flat 3"Tweezers Flat Stainless steel     Brand: Qualicare Products. ..

£0.49 (Ex VAT) £0.59 (Inc VAT)

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