First Aid Miscellaneous 

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Accident Book

BRAND NEW - Fully HSE compliant - Keep a report of all company accidents and store the informat..

£7.43 (Ex VAT) £8.92 (Inc VAT)

Bio Haz Self Seal Yellow Bags ( 50 )

Correct segregation of waste is essential to ensure that infectious waste does not become contaminat..

£11.02 (Ex VAT) £13.22 (Inc VAT)

CPR Pocket Resuscitator

With a one way valve and directional diaphragm which prevents back flow of air and cross contaminati..

£4.03 (Ex VAT) £4.84 (Inc VAT)

Foil Blanket - PACK OF 5

DescriptionFor rescue and sports activities where there is a need to maintain body temperature. 140c..

£6.99 (Ex VAT) £8.39 (Inc VAT)

Foil Packed Resuscitation Face Shield

Quick and easy to use faceshield designed to prevent infection and apply good resuscitation...

£0.35 (Ex VAT) £0.42 (Inc VAT)

Guidance Notes

DescriptionA guidance booklet detailing basic first aid application required to be supplied in first..

£3.99 (Ex VAT) £4.79 (Inc VAT)

Instant Ice Packs (6 Pack)

This single use disposable pack is a convenient addition to any first aid kit and is especially suit..

£4.14 (Ex VAT) £4.97 (Inc VAT)

Large Sharps Disposal System

Biohazard bag5Disinfectant wipes5Forceps (plastic)5Gloves vinyl (pair)5Sharps bin 0.6ltr1..

£16.90 (Ex VAT) £20.28 (Inc VAT)

Safety Pins Bag (10 x 6)

Description6 safety pins in a plastic bag for use in first aid kits...

£0.98 (Ex VAT) £1.18 (Inc VAT)

Sharpsafe Sharps Disposal Contaimer 4Ltr

Sharpsafe Sharps Disposal Contaimer 4Ltr..

£5.46 (Ex VAT) £6.55 (Inc VAT)

Tuffcut Scissors 14cm

DescriptionTough cut scissors, ideal for cutting plaster cast and bandages and also for seat belts i..

£1.37 (Ex VAT) £1.64 (Inc VAT)

Tweezers Flat 3"

DescriptionTweezers Flat Stainless steel..

£0.49 (Ex VAT) £0.59 (Inc VAT)


PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONVomit Bowl 800ml:Disposable Vomit Bowl made from paper mache pulp.800ml..

£6.00 (Ex VAT) £7.20 (Inc VAT)

WIPES - Alcohol Free Wipes (100)

Description Carton of 100 Alcohol Free Wipes .A disinfectant wipe for wound cleansing and..

£6.59 (Ex VAT) £7.91 (Inc VAT)

Lithium Ion Battery ICR18650-26F Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - 10pc

Product Details - 10pcICR18650-26F Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, 18650The Lithium-ion rechargeable ba..

£24.99 (Ex VAT) £29.99 (Inc VAT)

Wall-mounted Infrared Thermometer

A thermometer is a staple item that everyone should have in their home. At some point, you or your l..

£63.50 (Ex VAT) £76.20 (Inc VAT)

Armband Green Pk 20

Green Armband with Velco Seal ..

£25.00 (Ex VAT) £30.00 (Inc VAT)

Hi-Viz Reflective Armband Orange Pk2

Hi-Viz Reflective Armband Orange Pk2 with Velco Seal..

£3.33 (Ex VAT) £4.00 (Inc VAT)

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