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Universal Tough Wipe - Biodegradable

Extremely tough yet biodegradable wipes offer the same high-performance cleaning as the non-biodegra..

£3.90 (Ex VAT) £4.68 (Inc VAT)

Anti-Bacterial Multi Purpose Wipes

Convenient and effective germ control with anti-bacterial wipes suitable for use in a range of envir..

£36.50 (Ex VAT) £43.80 (Inc VAT)

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes (150)

Description PAL wipes are designed for use within industrial environments where advanced hygien..

£7.83 (Ex VAT) £9.40 (Inc VAT)

Sani-Cloth Plus Wipes x 200 70% Alcohol

Quick acting & highly effective alcohol based hand and surface disinfectant wipes. Ideal for reg..

£12.99 (Ex VAT) £15.59 (Inc VAT)

75% Alcohol Wipes - Tub 60

Quick acting & highly effective anti-bacterial wipes for personal use.  Alcohol-based. Idea..

£3.33 (Ex VAT) £4.00 (Inc VAT)

Carpet & Upholstery Trade Wipes ( Anti- Bac )

Heavy duty carpet and upholstery cleaning wipes efficiently remove spots and stains. Will clean most..

£2.99 (Ex VAT) £3.59 (Inc VAT)


Bigger and tougher than regular wipes for shifting mess and spills around the home, workshop and gar..

£9.90 (Ex VAT) £11.88 (Inc VAT)

Non-Abrasive SUGAR Soap Wipes - 80 Wipes

Non-abrasive wipes for removing grease, grime and nicotine residue. Cleans all types of painted and ..

£6.95 (Ex VAT) £8.34 (Inc VAT)

Multi-Surface Anti Bacterial Cleaning Wipes - 12pk - (LIMITED STOCK)

Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes 12pk·         Tough, grease-bu..

£2.95 (Ex VAT) £3.54 (Inc VAT)

Smart Cleansing Wipe Tub 100 - Anti-Bac

Simple but effective cleaning wipes for hands, tools and general surfaces around the home, workshop ..

£6.95 (Ex VAT) £8.34 (Inc VAT)

Universal Tough Wipes - Anti-Bac

Bigger and tougher than regular wipes for shifting mess and spills around the home, workshop and gar..

£3.90 (Ex VAT) £4.68 (Inc VAT)

Stainless Steel Wipes Tub 40 - Anti Bac

Stainless steel and metal 3-in-1 surface cleaning wipes clean, polish and protect. Easily removes di..

£2.99 (Ex VAT) £3.59 (Inc VAT)

Green Scouring Pads - 10pc

Everyday green scouring pads for general purpose cleaning and washing up. Green scouring pads are id..

£4.31 (Ex VAT) £5.17 (Inc VAT)

Heavyweight Floor Cloth, Pack of 10

Floor Cloths, White 16" x 19"..

£10.53 (Ex VAT) £12.64 (Inc VAT)

Large Scouring Pads - Foam Backed - 10pc

Durable and long lasting heavy duty non scratch foam backed scourersKey FeaturesNon ScratchDurableQu..

£6.75 (Ex VAT) £8.10 (Inc VAT)

Mixed Wiping Rags(sweats & joggers) 10kg

Mixed Wiping Rags(sweats & joggers) 10kg..

£14.58 (Ex VAT) £17.50 (Inc VAT)

Multi Purpose Jay Cloth (Pk 50) Blue

Strong and durable weave construction.Absorbs up to seven-times its own weight in waterDesigned for ..

£6.30 (Ex VAT) £7.56 (Inc VAT)

TT - Catering Tea Towel Pack of 10

DescriptionThese tea towel colours are a high quality towel made from looped yarn. The tea towels ar..

£13.50 (Ex VAT) £16.20 (Inc VAT)

White Duster Cotton Rags (HX), 10Kg

White Cotton Duster Rags10Kg in weight..

£23.88 (Ex VAT) £28.66 (Inc VAT)

Stockinette Roll, 800 grams

Description800gm roll, 100 percent cotton. Excellent polishing cloth and all round absorbent textile..

£6.15 (Ex VAT) £7.38 (Inc VAT)

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