Browse our full range of safety headwear from basic budget range to top quality brands. Many safety hats in our range offer multiple accessories and replaceable parts. 
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Endurance Plus Visor Helmet - White

Endurance Plus Visor helmet features an unvented ABS shell, 6-point textile suspension harness, whee..

£11.99 (Ex VAT) £14.39 (Inc VAT)

Suresafe Essentials Safety Helmet

Our lightweight vented helmet allows total air flow circulation with 8 adjustable inner harness poin..

£3.95 (Ex VAT) £4.74 (Inc VAT)

AirTech Bump Cap Micro Peak

Innovative design bump cap with maximised ventilation thanks to the side mesh and ventilation slots ..

£12.49 (Ex VAT) £12.49 (Inc VAT)

Suresafe Premium Safety Helmet

Product information High-density ABS shell helmet, 4 points plastic suspension harness. With Ratchet..

£9.45 (Ex VAT) £11.34 (Inc VAT)

JSP Evo 3 Vented Safety Helmet

EVO3 vented, mid peak, one touch slip ratchet safety helmetThe perfect blend of extreme comfort, sty..

£12.24 (Ex VAT) £12.24 (Inc VAT)

Peak View Safety Helmet | Vented

Description Exclusive design and Patented Model. Transl..

£13.95 (Ex VAT) £13.95 (Inc VAT)

EVO2® Safety Helmet | Slip Ratchet | Vented

EVO2®Industrial Safety HelmetThe EVO2® Comfort Plus™ helmet combines a super strong shell for s..

£7.75 (Ex VAT) £7.75 (Inc VAT)

EVOLite® Safety Helmet

EVOLite® EN397 Industrial Safety Helmet The EVOLite® is a breakthrough product enabling Health and..

£14.80 (Ex VAT) £14.80 (Inc VAT)

Height Endurance Safety Helmet,

Designed to be specially used when working at heights. Light and comfortable, this peak-less helmet ..

£15.00 (Ex VAT) £15.00 (Inc VAT)

Endurance Mountaineer Helmet

Height Endurance Mountaineer helmet is the ultimate evolution of our Height Endurance range. This ve..

£29.50 (Ex VAT) £29.50 (Inc VAT)

EVOLite® Skyworker™ Industrial Climbing Helmet

EVOLite® Skyworker™ Industrial Height Safety Helmet The EVOLite® Skyworker™ helmet has a suspensio..

£45.00 (Ex VAT) £45.00 (Inc VAT)

Baseball Bump Cap

DESCRIPTION Designed to protect against bumps and scrapes, this Cap secures easily with a velcr..

£7.16 (Ex VAT) £8.59 (Inc VAT)

AirTech Bump Cap

Innovative design Bump Cap with maximised ventilation thanks to the side mesh and wide openings on t..

£9.79 (Ex VAT) £11.75 (Inc VAT)

Flame Retardant Hardcap™ A1+ Bump Cap - 5cm Peak - Navy

Conforms to EN 812Reflective PipingVentilation for coolness and comfortOne-Handed Adjuster giving tr..

£33.47 (Ex VAT) £40.16 (Inc VAT)

JSP EVOLite® Forester

EVOLite® Forester The EVOLite® Forester is a kit combining our EVOLite® safety helmet and an assemb..

£64.99 (Ex VAT) £77.99 (Inc VAT)

Helmet Liner

Description ..

£7.65 (Ex VAT) £9.18 (Inc VAT)

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