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Heatsink Thermal Paste Grease 30g Syringe

Specification:Model: HY510-TU20QBrand new and high qualityShape: SyringeWeight: Approx. 30gColor: Gr..

£2.07 (Ex VAT) £2.48 (Inc VAT)

Contact Cleaning Spray 500ml

Fast evaporatingRemoves oil & greaseSolvent contact cleaner effective degreaser and cleaning age..

£7.07 (Ex VAT) £8.48 (Inc VAT)

DRAPER 400ml Metal Cutting Lubricant

For cutting threads using taps and dies as well as drilling, reaming and machining in steels and alu..

£7.52 (Ex VAT) £9.02 (Inc VAT)

Multilube Maintenance Spray 400ml

Penerates, lubricates & protectsHighly versatileIndustrial strength maintenance spray, highly ve..

£5.49 (Ex VAT) £6.59 (Inc VAT)

SUPERLUBE Open Gear Lubricant 400ml

Long lasting protectionPenetrates & lubricatesWire rope lubricant deep penetration into heavy du..

£6.59 (Ex VAT) £7.91 (Inc VAT)

EP2 Lithium Grease Cartridge

Highly versatile multi-purpose grease. Premium quality mineral oil, lithium thickened lubricant. Use..

£4.59 (Ex VAT) £5.51 (Inc VAT)

Swarfega Duck Oil 5ltr

A silicone-free, non-conductive, multi-purpose service spray. Exceptionally low surface tension mean..

£51.03 (Ex VAT) £61.24 (Inc VAT)

500cc Lever Action Grease Gun

Grease Gun Lever ActionLever-action, heavy duty steel grease gun. Can be used with cartridge or bulk..

£14.72 (Ex VAT) £17.66 (Inc VAT)

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