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Safety Shoes
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72200 - Click Economy Safety Shoe | Black

Description • Dual Density PU• 200 Joule steel toe cap • Shock absorber heel• Anti-static• Oil resi..

£20.92 (Ex VAT) £25.10 (Inc VAT)

FC14 - Composite-lite Shoe 48/13 | Black

DESCRIPTIONOffers excellent protection to the wearer, in a variety of work environments. Lightweight..

£22.79 (Ex VAT) £27.34 (Inc VAT)

FC41 - PW Composite Shoe | Black

DESCRIPTIONLightweight and flexible with supreme slip resistance to prevent slips and trips. Composi..

£20.48 (Ex VAT) £24.57 (Inc VAT)

FC44 - PW Composite S3 Safety Shoe | Black

DESCRIPTIONClassic style S3 safety shoe. 100% non metallic construction and full grain water resista..

£35.60 (Ex VAT) £42.71 (Inc VAT)

FC64 - PW Trekker Shoe S1 | Black

DESCRIPTION100% non metallic, lightweight and comfortable hiker style shoe. Strong and flexible cons..

£25.10 (Ex VAT) £30.11 (Inc VAT)

FS311C - Safety Shoe

DescriptionFS311C Safety Shoe Light weight safety shoe with composite toe and Kevlar midsole. Slip r..

£24.99 (Ex VAT) £29.99 (Inc VAT)

FS38C - Composite Safety

DescriptionNon-metallic lace-up safety gibson ideal for industrial office use. Composite cap and mid..

£33.25 (Ex VAT) £39.90 (Inc VAT)

FS41 - Safety Gibson

DescriptionSteel toe capped safety gibson ideal for industrial office use. Crafted with a smooth mon..

£30.99 (Ex VAT) £37.19 (Inc VAT)

FS44 - Leather Brogue shoe w/ Midsole

DescriptionSmart and safe Gibson brogue safety shoe ideal for uniform use. Cow action smooth leather..

£37.78 (Ex VAT) £45.34 (Inc VAT)

FS45 - Black 3 Eyelet Safety Shoe

DescriptionSmart and safe gibson ideal for industrial office wear and uniform use. Mono-black, plain..

£36.86 (Ex VAT) £44.23 (Inc VAT)

FS57 - Lace-Up Shoe

DescriptionClassic 4-eye safety shoe with hard wearing air cushioned sole unit and industrial streng..

£81.90 (Ex VAT) £98.28 (Inc VAT)

FT64 - Steelite Trouper Shoe | Black

DESCRIPTIONStrong and flexible, the Trouper shoe is ideal for long hours of wear. Steel toecap and m..

£23.63 (Ex VAT) £28.35 (Inc VAT)

FW14 - Steelite Protector Shoe S1P | Black

DESCRIPTIONThis popular safety shoe is lightweight and durable allowing you to work confidently in a..

£16.70 (Ex VAT) £20.03 (Inc VAT)

FW44 - S3 Thor Shoe | Black

DESCRIPTIONSteel toecap and midsole are suitable for a variety of work environments. Dual density, a..

£33.08 (Ex VAT) £39.69 (Inc VAT)

FW64 - S1P Trekker Shoe | Black

DescriptionBreathable, strong and flexible style. Steel toecap, midsole and oil resistant outsole wi..

£23.63 (Ex VAT) £28.35 (Inc VAT)

Giasco | Boston | S3 Comp M/F Shoe

DescriptionLow shoe, full grain IDROTECH® WRU leather thickness 1,8-2,0 mm., with refracting insert...

£49.99 (Ex VAT) £59.99 (Inc VAT)

Richmond Composite Brogue

DESCRIPTIONThe Richmond brogue safety shoe is a high quality fashionable brogue made with ..

£48.20 (Ex VAT) £57.84 (Inc VAT)

Rio Low - Black

DescriptionDo safety shoes have to look like safety shoes? No, the Rio black low connects masterly l..

£76.99 (Ex VAT) £92.39 (Inc VAT)

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