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Cut Protection Guide

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PW Glove | Cut 1 | Red

DESCRIPTIONA standard liner for minimal risk tasks. The PU coating provides increased abrasion resis..

£1.26 (Ex VAT) £1.51 (Inc VAT)

TraffiGlove Classic 1 Red Gloves

TraffiGlove TG1010 Classic are lightweight and comfortable Cut Level 1 gloves, with a generous cuff...

£1.80 (Ex VAT) £2.16 (Inc VAT)

TraffiGlove 3 Digit Red Gloves sz 09

A close fitting and lightweight handling glove with 3 exposed fingers for extra dexterity, suitable ..

£1.18 (Ex VAT) £1.42 (Inc VAT)

Cut 3 PU Palm Glove | Grey

DescriptionCombining cut resistance comfort dexterity and grip in a seamless PU palm dipped liner.Fe..

£4.20 (Ex VAT) £5.04 (Inc VAT)

PW Glove | Cut 3 | Amber

DESCRIPTIONA level B cut resistant liner for low risk cut protection and nitrile foam dipping for en..

£3.52 (Ex VAT) £4.22 (Inc VAT)

TraffiGlove Classic 3 Amber Gloves - Amber

DESCRIPTION:A lightweight X-Dura PU palm dipped glove with Cut Level B protection. Features a genero..

£6.40 (Ex VAT) £7.68 (Inc VAT)

Traffi 'Achieve' Amber Gloves

An extremely dexterous fine gauge X-Dura PU palm dipped glove with good abrasion and tear resistance..

£6.99 (Ex VAT) £8.39 (Inc VAT)

Kutlass - 3 Digit - Cut 3 Gloves - Orange

Key Features of the Kutlass PU300 HPPE Fingerless GlovesManufactured with specialised HHPE yarn that..

£5.79 (Ex VAT) £6.95 (Inc VAT)

TraffiGlove Classic 5 Green Gloves

A lightweight Cut 5 glove with a generous cuff length for use in dry conditions. The close fitting d..

£6.83 (Ex VAT) £8.20 (Inc VAT)

Traffiglove Endura Cut 5 Glove

A comfortable, close fitting cut level 5 glove that has been sanitised with Actifresh to reduce odou..

£11.25 (Ex VAT) £13.50 (Inc VAT)

TraffiGlove | Secure | Cut 5 Glove

Key Features: Foam coating for added gripOutstanding dexterityVery comfortableVer..

£8.34 (Ex VAT) £10.01 (Inc VAT)

Morphic 5XP Ext Cuff Cut 5 Glove

A close fitting and flexible Cut C glove with a high tech MicroDex Nitrile Foam coating that provide..

£10.74 (Ex VAT) £12.89 (Inc VAT)

Maxi Flex Cut 3 Glove

The MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environment..

£7.82 (Ex VAT) £9.38 (Inc VAT)

X5 Kevlar Cut Latex Palm Gloves

X5-SumoA premium product offering enhanced levels of protection and manufactured from our best selli..

£6.25 (Ex VAT) £7.50 (Inc VAT)

Aqua Cut Pro Cut 5 Nitrile Glove

DESCRIPTIONThe fully coated Aqua Cut Pro glove offers level D cut resistance. The first coat is a sm..

£5.25 (Ex VAT) £6.30 (Inc VAT)

X5 Sumo FC Cut 5 Glove

X5-Sumo-FCA premium product offering enhanced levels of protection and manufactured from our best se..

£7.20 (Ex VAT) £8.64 (Inc VAT)

Kevlar Polkadot Fingerless Mitts Lge /09

 Medium weight fingerless latex dotted glove.• Extra density blended yarn.• Offers exceptional ..

£7.16 (Ex VAT) £8.59 (Inc VAT)

Carver | Cut 5 | PU Glove

Cut Level - DIf you are having trouble with which cut you may require please see our guide just belo..

£4.95 (Ex VAT) £5.94 (Inc VAT)

Kutlass Glove Cut 5

The Kutlass Cut Resistant Gloves PU500 is a Cut Level 5 glove is knitted from high cut resistance fi..

£6.15 (Ex VAT) £7.38 (Inc VAT)

Skytec Xenon Gauntlet Green Cut 5 XLge

Combining chemical protection with excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing, these Skytec Xenon ..

£15.83 (Ex VAT) £19.00 (Inc VAT)

14" Cut Resistant Sleeve - Single

For a tough, protective sleeve, choose our durable Kevlar® Sleeve. Available in a variety of lengths..

£3.50 (Ex VAT) £4.20 (Inc VAT)

18 Cut Resistant Sleeve, Yellow, | R

DESCRIPTIONCut level D protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm ..

£3.80 (Ex VAT) £4.56 (Inc VAT)

Advance Cut 5 Glove

Level E cut resistant glove with nitrile foam coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. ..

£4.75 (Ex VAT) £5.70 (Inc VAT)

Cut 5 Nitrile Foam Glove | Black

DescriptionSupreme cut resistance combined with superb grip in oily conditions. 3/4 nitrile foam dip..

£3.95 (Ex VAT) £4.74 (Inc VAT)

Maxicut Oil Grip Cut 5 Palm Coated

Cut resistant work glove for ASSURED PROTECTION™ in dry or oily environments. MaxiCut® Oil™ 44-304..

£10.50 (Ex VAT) £12.60 (Inc VAT)

Vis-Tex Cut Resistant Glove, Orange,

Cut level D glove with PU dipping for high abrasion resistance, the HPPE liner also achieves a level..

£2.95 (Ex VAT) £3.54 (Inc VAT)

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