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KK701 - S/s Corporate Oxford Blouse | RED

Features1. Button down collar.2. Fitted.3. Two spare buttons.4. Back yoke.Brand: Prestige Leisurewea..

£18.15 (Ex VAT) £21.78 (Inc VAT)

KK702 - L/s Ladies Oxford Shirt | SILVER GREY

Features1. Spare button.2. Back yoke.3. Two curved panels front and back.4. Soft fused collar.5. 3 b..

£19.78 (Ex VAT) £23.73 (Inc VAT)

KK710 - Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Oxford Shirt | BLACK

Features1. Open neck.2. Soft fused collar.3. Semi-fitted.4. Spare button.Brand: Prestige Leisurewear..

£18.70 (Ex VAT) £22.44 (Inc VAT)

Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt | BLACK

Long Sleeve Oxford ShirtChest pocket. Back yoke. Two spare buttons. Adjustable cuffs. Button down co..

£22.55 (Ex VAT) £27.06 (Inc VAT)

PR200 - Formal Long Sleeve | KHAKI

Formal Long SleeveLeft breast open mitred pocket. Stiffened formal cut collar. Long sleeves with but..

£18.43 (Ex VAT) £22.12 (Inc VAT)

PR202 - Formal Short Sleeve | HOT PINK

Formal Short SleeveStiffened formal cut collar. Left breast open mitred pocket. Short sleeves. Easy ..

£18.88 (Ex VAT) £22.66 (Inc VAT)

PR300 - Ladies Poplin L/s Blouse | AQUA

Ladies Poplin L/s BlouseLadies easy care long sleeve blouse. Soft collar styling. Rounded bottom hem..

£17.43 (Ex VAT) £20.92 (Inc VAT)

PR302 - S/s Poplin Blouse | BLACK

S/s Poplin BlouseSoft collar styling. Rounded bottom hem. Fitted styling with bust darts and back da..

£18.30 (Ex VAT) £21.96 (Inc VAT)

Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt | BLACK

Short Sleeve Oxford ShirtChest pocket. Button down collar. Two spare buttons. Centre back pleat. Eas..

£19.78 (Ex VAT) £23.73 (Inc VAT)

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