Trimming Knifes & Blades

Trimming Knifes & Blades

Trimming Knifes & Blades

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KN40 Replacement Blades - 10pk, No Col, | R

This blade is constructed from carbon steel. Each blade features two cutting edges. Designed to be u..

£1.37 (Ex VAT) £1.64 (Inc VAT)

Minin Cutter Safety Knife

Features: Robust Build Ergonomic Spring Action   E..

£1.47 (Ex VAT) £1.76 (Inc VAT)

Pacific Safety Film Cutter

Product may vary from image...

£3.08 (Ex VAT) £3.70 (Inc VAT)

Pro Safety Cutter, Silver, | R

Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitable for both right a..

£3.47 (Ex VAT) £4.16 (Inc VAT)

PW Foldable Utility Knife, Blue, | U

Lightweight aluminium handle with belt clip for added mobility. Quick-change blade mechanism saves t..

£5.04 (Ex VAT) £6.05 (Inc VAT)

PW Snap-Off Blades (10), No Col, | R

The Replacement blades for the KN18 have 8 cutting points.Comes in packs of 10 and is a generic size..

£0.82 (Ex VAT) £0.98 (Inc VAT)

PW Snap-Off Knive, Blue, | U

Ergonomically designed with rubber grip makes this knife easy to hold and easy to use. A clamp down ..

£1.58 (Ex VAT) £1.89 (Inc VAT)

Replacement Blades (Pk10), No Col, | R

Fits the KN10 and KN20 knives. This blade constructed from carbon steel has unparalleled sharpness ..

£1.26 (Ex VAT) £1.51 (Inc VAT)

Retractable Safety Cutter, Blue, | U

The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it loses contact with material b..

£11.75 (Ex VAT) £14.10 (Inc VAT)

Ultra Safety Cutter, Black, | R

Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind this knife for right-handed people has a..

£2.63 (Ex VAT) £3.15 (Inc VAT)

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