Full & Half Face Masks

Full & Half Face Masks
Full & Half Face Masks
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3M 4251 Organic Vapour Respirator A1P2

3M 4251 Organic Vapour/Particulate RespiratorProtection against organic vapours with BP >65§C &am..

£56.49 (Ex VAT) £67.79 (Inc VAT)

3M4255 - 3M Organic / Particulate A2P3 Respirator

The 3M 4255 half mask respirator is part of the hugely popular 3M 4000 Series, these reusable masks ..

£32.06 (Ex VAT) £38.47 (Inc VAT)

CBB610 - Jetstream Switch & Go 8hr - UK Plug

The Jetstream® Switch & Go The first affordable fully approved unit to EN12941, which features..

£350.95 (Ex VAT) £421.14 (Inc VAT)

CBP020 - Jetstream® Constructor Kit

Jetstream® Constructor Kit The first affordable and fully approved unit to EN12941:1999. The ..

£472.63 (Ex VAT) £567.16 (Inc VAT)

DMFORCE10 - Force10 Full Half Mask

Force™ 10 Typhoon™ Full Face MaskThe NEW Force™10 Typhoon™ is an extremely lightweight, easy to main..

£67.43 (Ex VAT) £80.92 (Inc VAT)

DMFORCE8 - Force8 Half Mask ( no cartridges )

Force8™ Half MaskThe Force8™ twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve offers superior low breath..

£20.33 (Ex VAT) £24.40 (Inc VAT)

DMFORCE8KIT - Force8 TPE Mask c/w PTC P3 Filters

PressToCheck™ Ready To Use Kit P3Force8™ Half mask with Typhoon™ valve and P3 FiltersDurable thermop..

£39.56 (Ex VAT) £47.47 (Inc VAT)

JSP Powercap infinity CEA646-001-100

DESCRIPTIONFREE IN-HOUSE TRAINING OPTION The JSP PowerCap® Infinity® respirator requires traini..

£962.50 (Ex VAT) £1,155.00 (Inc VAT)

JSPPCA - JSP Powercap Active - Complete Kit

PowerCap® Active™ (Patent Granted) is a lightweight, firm fitting, ergonomically designed ..

£298.64 (Ex VAT) £358.37 (Inc VAT)

Full face respirator mask with filters

Full face respirator mask with an integrated A1 and P3. Offers effective and comfortable protection ..

£69.99 (Ex VAT) £83.99 (Inc VAT)

Half Mask Respirator with A1P2 Filters

Ready to use respirator with an integrated cartridge and filters. Dynamic valve assembly helps to re..

£34.95 (Ex VAT) £41.94 (Inc VAT)

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