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Disposable Masks
Disposable Masks
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3M 9332+ Aura FFP2V F/F Respirator (10)

Product Details3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirators 9322+Gen3Greater facial movement with Aura™ 3-panel..

£66.06 (Ex VAT) £79.27 (Inc VAT)

3M8835 - Dust/Mist/Fume Respirator FFP3SL (5)

Conforms to EN 149:2001 + A1:2009.  Protection against fine dusts. New filter construction and ..

£40.11 (Ex VAT) £48.13 (Inc VAT)

3M9322 Valved respirator FFP2 - 10 pack

Product description3M 8833 FFP3 Valved Respiratory MaskCool Flow exhaust valve Excellent in hot cond..

£42.00 (Ex VAT) £50.40 (Inc VAT)

Alpha Solway 3020V FFP2V Masks (box 10)

Having electrostatic filter media allows low breathing resistance and a lightweight outer shell main..

£34.00 (Ex VAT) £40.80 (Inc VAT)

Alpha Solway 3030V FFP3V Masks (box 5)

Features and Benefits Lightweight, cup shaped respirator Four point headstrap adjustment (3030V)..

£50.50 (Ex VAT) £50.50 (Inc VAT)

AlphaFlow FFP3V Masks Charcoal (pk 10)

Product DetailsAlpha Flow AMF-3CV Disposable RespiratorAMF-3CV Alpha Flow disposable respirator prot..

£69.00 (Ex VAT) £82.80 (Inc VAT)

Delta P3V Fold Flat Masks (pack 10)

The FFP3 mask minimises breathing resistance and maximises the dust carrying capacity, protection fr..

£49.00 (Ex VAT) £58.80 (Inc VAT)

DMP1 - P1 Disp Respirator (20), White, | R

Designed for applications involving dust mists and fibres the P100 can be used in concentrations of ..

£10.40 (Ex VAT) £12.48 (Inc VAT)

DMP2 - BBP2 Dust respirator masks FFP2, 20 pk

The Portwest P200 FFP2 respirators protect you against fine toxic dusts, water based mists and fumes..

£11.07 (Ex VAT) £13.28 (Inc VAT)

DMP2BB - B-Brand Dust Masks FFP2, 20 pk

Description• Polypropylene (P.P) outer layer provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibres.• Emboss..

£24.48 (Ex VAT) £29.38 (Inc VAT)

DMP3V10 - BIZTEX FFP3V Dust Masks | Valved | Box of 10

DESCRIPTIONComfort: Cup shape. Exhalation valve for lighter breathing resistance. Adjustable nose cl..

£35.95 (Ex VAT) £43.14 (Inc VAT)

DMP3VFF20 - B-Brand P3V Fold Flat Masks (pack 20)

Description• Maintenance free particulate respirator.• Polypropylene (P.P) outer layer provides smoo..

£42.84 (Ex VAT) £51.41 (Inc VAT)

DMSJ7899V - FFP2 Valved Flat Pack Respirator (Box of 20)

Description• Vertical fold flat design.• Comfortable face fit.• Low breathing resistance.• Conforms ..

£62.00 (Ex VAT) £62.00 (Inc VAT)

FFP2 Cup Valved EN149 Dust Mask Box 10

High filtration efficiency and low resistance, Comfortable and reliable protection, Effect..

£48.75 (Ex VAT) £48.75 (Inc VAT)

FFP3V - Disposable Masks (Box of 10) - STOCK DUE - AUGUST - PRE ORDER NOW

STOCK DUE - AUGUST - PRE ORDER NOWConforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009 - BSI CE Certificated..

£68.30 (Ex VAT) £68.30 (Inc VAT)

JSP Disp. Mouled Mask FFP3V pack of 5

Product DetailsLatex free thermoplastic diaphragm. Adjustable nose piece. Valved mask minimises brea..

£54.95 (Ex VAT) £65.94 (Inc VAT)

JSP Typhoon Fold Flat P3V Disp Mask ( 10 )

Horizontal Fold Flat Mask FFP3 - 335 Typhoon™Horizontal fold flat shape for better fitting and clear..

£59.95 (Ex VAT) £71.94 (Inc VAT)

P153 P1 Valved Fold Flat Respirator (20)

FEATURES/DESCRIPTIONDOLOMITE optional clogging test. Comfort: Vertical Flat Folded Exhalation valve ..

£32.49 (Ex VAT) £38.99 (Inc VAT)

DMP3FFPB/5 - FFP3 Without Exhalation Valve Respirator - (Pack of 5)

The 7 dynamic parts of the mask provide excellent facial movement with maximum comfort Foaming lo..

£40.00 (Ex VAT) £40.00 (Inc VAT)

DMSJ2278V - FFP2V Valved Cup Mask - Box of 20

Description• Cupped mask design• Comfortable face fit.• Low breathing resistance.• Conforms to EN149..

£68.60 (Ex VAT) £68.60 (Inc VAT)

DMSURG - TYPE IIR Sterile Surgical Masks EN14683 - Pack of 20

> 20pc> Bacterial Filtration >98%> 175mm x 950mm> Light & Breathable > Ba..

£17.15 (Ex VAT) £17.15 (Inc VAT)

Surgical Mask Type IIR (Box Of 50) - EN14683 - STOCK DUE 30/06/2020

> 50pc> Bacterial Filtration >98%> 175mm x 950mm> Light & Breathable > Ba..

£36.44 (Ex VAT) £36.44 (Inc VAT)

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