Hearing Protection
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PU Foam Ear Plugs (200 pairs) - Orange - snr 37

PU foam disposable ear plugs made with soft and durable foam. Easy to insert and remove. Excellent a..

£22.68 (Ex VAT) £27.22 (Inc VAT)

B-Brand Head-Band Ear Plugs (pair)snr 21

• Extremely Light.• Comfortable to wear.• Soft absorbent foam caps.• Worn under the chin or behind t..

£1.40 (Ex VAT) £1.68 (Inc VAT)

Moldex 6700 Jazz Band Ear Protection

DescriptionDual material technology reduces noise transmission.The neck cord allows the band to sit ..

£6.00 (Ex VAT) £7.20 (Inc VAT)

Pura-Fit 7700 Ear Plugs (Box 200 pr) snr36

• Comfortable PU foam ear plugs suited to protect against long term exposure• Soft material that is ..

£32.64 (Ex VAT) £39.17 (Inc VAT)

Moldex Twisters Corded Hearing Protection - Box of 80

Description• Large handle for easy insertion & removal.• Multi curved stem rotates for a custom ..

£69.15 (Ex VAT) £82.98 (Inc VAT)

UVEX XACT Fit Corded Ear Plugs

Description• SNR: 26dB, EN352-2 Compliant.• Suitable for noise exposure levels up to 97dB(A)• E..

£1.32 (Ex VAT) £1.58 (Inc VAT)

Laser Lite Earplugs CORDED (Box 100)

 Self adjusting foam expands to fit virtually every wearer. Contoured T-shape for easy insertio..

£31.73 (Ex VAT) £38.08 (Inc VAT)

Laser Lite Earplugs UNCORDED (Box 200)

Conforms to EN 352-2 H=34 M=32 L=31 SNR=35. 3301105 Self adjusting foam expands to fit virtually eve..

£30.16 (Ex VAT) £36.19 (Inc VAT)

EAR One Touch Dispenser - (Dispenser Only)

Product Details (Dispenser Only)Dispenser is easy to use with a simple twist motion, the innovative ..

£38.85 (Ex VAT) £46.62 (Inc VAT)

Laser Lite Foam Earplugs Refill (200pr)

Conforms to EN 352-2 H=34 M=32 L=31 SNR=35. 1013047 - For use with LS400 dispenser..

£29.21 (Ex VAT) £35.05 (Inc VAT)

Classic Ear Muffs | EN352

FeaturesCE certified, EN352-1 compliant.Lightweight and comfortableAdjustable length for a secu..

£4.80 (Ex VAT) £5.76 (Inc VAT)

Anbu Ear Muffs SNR 32

This ear protector is constructed to be both durable and ultra lightweight. It has broad foam cushio..

£8.77 (Ex VAT) £10.52 (Inc VAT)

Super Ear Muffs EN352, Red

Ultra lightweight for prolonged usage. Adjustable dual pin mounting system provides multiple positi..

£6.48 (Ex VAT) £7.78 (Inc VAT)

3M Peltor Optime I Hearing Protection

Description• Optime I is very versatile protection, characterised by its lightness. Despite being so..

£19.35 (Ex VAT) £23.22 (Inc VAT)

Peltor H20A ear defenders Optima II

Features:• Increased muffling at lower tones and higher volume• Even pressure distribution via uniqu..

£24.19 (Ex VAT) £29.03 (Inc VAT)

Peltor Optime III Ear Defender

Description• Optime III is a super-muff, and has been developed for use in extremely noisy environme..

£26.06 (Ex VAT) £31.27 (Inc VAT)

Suresafe Essentials Clip-on Ear Defender

Our Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders are designed to provide maximum protection against harmful noises, ..

£9.66 (Ex VAT) £11.59 (Inc VAT)

Optime III Ear Clip-On Defender

The PELTOR Optime III ear defenders are a high performance hearing protector and have been developed..

£25.50 (Ex VAT) £30.60 (Inc VAT)

InterEXV™ Helmet Mounted Ear Defender | ORANGE

InterEXV™ Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders The InterEXV™ are helmet mounted ear defenders designed for e..

£20.80 (Ex VAT) £24.96 (Inc VAT)

JSP Sonic 3 InterEX™ Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

InterEX™ Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders - Fits JSP Helmet Visor Carrier The InterEX™ are helmet m..

£25.32 (Ex VAT) £30.38 (Inc VAT)

Replacement Ear Pod (Pk50), Yellow, | R

Soft foam replacement caps for use only with EP16, EN352-2..

£8.61 (Ex VAT) £10.33 (Inc VAT)

Corded PU Foam Ear Plug Orange (200) - CLEARANCE

Disposable PU ear plug. The tapered shape ensures a comfortable fit inside the ear canal. Corded for..

£10.00 (Ex VAT) £12.00 (Inc VAT)

Reusable Corded Ear Plug (50), Orange, - CLEARANCE

Reusable ear plugs. The TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) material moulds to the ear canal after a few ..

£13.75 (Ex VAT) £16.50 (Inc VAT)

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