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BG040 - Air Freshener 400ml Spray

DescriptionThese air fresheners come in a range of pleasant fragrances. 400ml aerosol cans with spra..

£4.20 (Ex VAT) £5.04 (Inc VAT)

BG045 - Cleaner Polish 400ml

DescriptionSilicon-based polish suitable for use on most surfaces including furniture, ceramics, mar..

£4.13 (Ex VAT) £4.96 (Inc VAT)

BG055 - Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol 400ml

DescriptionFor use on all types of stainless steel kitchen equipment. Removes light deposits of fat,..

£4.50 (Ex VAT) £5.40 (Inc VAT)

BG070 - Fly & Bug Spray 400ml

DescriptionHSE approved for the control of flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps and silverfis..

£5.85 (Ex VAT) £7.02 (Inc VAT)

DEICE - De-Icer 600ml

DescriptionDe-icer is a must have for any driver, particularly in the UK with our unpredictable weat..

£1.99 (Ex VAT) £2.39 (Inc VAT)

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