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Black Quick Release Spectacle Cord (10)

Black Quick Release Spectacle Cord Pack of 10..

£6.95 (Ex VAT) £8.34 (Inc VAT)

CR2™ Prismatix™ Hi-Vis Orange for EVOLite® 2Pack

CR2 Prismatix Hi-Vis Orange For EVOLite 2Pack Of..

£8.99 (Ex VAT) £10.79 (Inc VAT)

Essentials Knee Pads

The ultimate in knee protection and wearer comfort. Ergonomically designed knee pads providing durab..

£4.80 (Ex VAT) £5.76 (Inc VAT)

EVO® Lamp and Goggle Clips x20

Lamp / Goggle Clips - 4Pack of 4 Clips used to securely attach headlamps and googles to an EVO2®, EV..

£49.00 (Ex VAT) £58.80 (Inc VAT)

First Aid CR2™ Reflective Kit for EVOLite® x10

EVOLite® CR2™ Decal Kit This kit allows you to add extra visibility to your head protection. CR2™ is..

£55.00 (Ex VAT) £66.00 (Inc VAT)

Force™ 8 Belt Bag (Holds mask & Filters) X10

Force 8™ Belt Bag Make sure your Force 8™ Half-mask is always on hand and protected with this con..

£10.29 (Ex VAT) £12.35 (Inc VAT)

Hard hat Lanyard SQUIDS 3150

Elastic Hard Hat Lanyard keeps workers safe by eliminating hard hat lossEasily and comfortable secur..

£5.87 (Ex VAT) £7.04 (Inc VAT)

Hi-Vis Yellow Quick Release Spectacle Cord

Hi-Vis Yellow Quick Release Spectacle Cord..

£4.49 (Ex VAT) £5.39 (Inc VAT)

High Density Kneepad, Black, | R

It uses high density polyurethane which is strong enough and thick enough to both protect your knee ..

£6.20 (Ex VAT) £7.44 (Inc VAT)

I.D. Tag (Ice Tag)

Description ..

£4.44 (Ex VAT) £5.33 (Inc VAT)

Illuminated Armband - Yellow

Description ..

£2.99 (Ex VAT) £3.59 (Inc VAT)

Lens Cleaning Towelettes/Wipes

The Lens Cleaning Wipes come in a handy dispenser box which is pre assembled for immediate use. Disp..

£8.95 (Ex VAT) £10.74 (Inc VAT)

Lens/Glasses Cleaning Station

Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs. Tissues are low-lint and n..

£11.14 (Ex VAT) £13.37 (Inc VAT)

Lightweight Kneepad, Black, | R

So lightweight you wont even know you are wearing it. Designed to wraparound your knee moulding to i..

£6.95 (Ex VAT) £8.34 (Inc VAT)

Spectacle Cord (PK 100), Black, | R

Elasticated cord which adjusts to wearer\'s preference. Universal holder to fit a large variety of s..

£33.08 (Ex VAT) £39.70 (Inc VAT)

Standard Safety Helmet Chin Strap

Nylon woven strap with PP chin cup for added comfort helps your hard hat stay secure while working. ..

£1.02 (Ex VAT) £1.22 (Inc VAT)

Sun Lotion Factor 50 - 100ml

Very High Protection: Our SPF 50 sun cream helps protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays;..

£8.99 (Ex VAT) £10.79 (Inc VAT)

Super Gel-Filled Kneepad

Description ..

£12.15 (Ex VAT) £14.58 (Inc VAT)

Support Belt | Black

DescriptionThis high performance 8\" wide belt design offers full support to the wearer. It reinforc..

£10.29 (Ex VAT) £12.35 (Inc VAT)

Suresafe Microfibre Goggle Bag Black

Microfibre soft pouch...

£1.95 (Ex VAT) £2.34 (Inc VAT)

Suresafe Microfibre Spectacle Bag Black

Protective microfibre bag that can be used for cleaning and storage...

£1.95 (Ex VAT) £2.34 (Inc VAT)

Surgical Mask Extender - White

Flexible extension device that helps to eliminate painful sore ears for those wearing masks over lon..

£0.16 (Ex VAT) £0.19 (Inc VAT)

Uvex Complete Lens Cleaning Tissues

UVEX Lens Cleaning TissuesUvex replacement cleaning tissues for uvex cleaning station. Low lint tiss..

£35.00 (Ex VAT) £42.00 (Inc VAT)

Uvex Lens Cleaning Fluid 16floz

Keep your safety glasses and eyewear clean!Specially formulated for use with Uvex coatings & spe..

£7.43 (Ex VAT) £8.92 (Inc VAT)

360° Illuminating Helmet Band Light - Black

The 360° Illuminating Helmet Band has been developed for site awareness while working at night. The ..

£7.95 (Ex VAT) £9.54 (Inc VAT)

AHV200 - Quick Release 4 Point Linesman Harness

The JSP 4-pt Linesman chinstrap provides increased security for a firmer fit, preventing helmets bei..

£8.95 (Ex VAT) £10.74 (Inc VAT)

Centurion Secure Plus 4point Polyester Chinstrap - Pack of 10

Designed to seamlessly complement the Nexus range of helmets, but can be used with a number of Centu..

£50.00 (Ex VAT) £60.00 (Inc VAT)

CS20 - Fleece Balaclava - Navy

This fleece Balaclava is great value and is essential to any winter kit. The soft fleece fabric prot..

£3.90 (Ex VAT) £4.68 (Inc VAT)

KP50 - Non-Marking Knee Pad - White

Excellent protection and stability on all floor types. The moulded non-marking materials are lightwe..

£12.95 (Ex VAT) £15.54 (Inc VAT)

LCS20 - Pyramex Lens Cleaning Station - Large

FeaturesFor plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lensesLow lint non-abrasive tissuesSafe and effective ..

£19.99 (Ex VAT) £23.99 (Inc VAT)

Mosquito Net

Black Deluxe Mosquito Net - Hat Not IncludedIntended to be worn over a hat or headgear.For best effe..

£3.75 (Ex VAT) £4.50 (Inc VAT)

PA48 - Chin Strap 4 Endurance

4-point chin strap suitable for Endurance Helmets. FeaturesY-style 4-point chin strapEasy to cl..

£1.95 (Ex VAT) £2.34 (Inc VAT)

Winter Essentials Kit

The ultimate winter essential kitIdeal for keeping in your car for any unexpected situations or thos..

£38.33 (Ex VAT) £46.00 (Inc VAT)

Helmet Faceshield Holder

he Helmet Visor Holder with universal slot european size (30mm) can be used on Endurance Helmets, He..

£4.93 (Ex VAT) £5.92 (Inc VAT)

Visor Carrier, Black, | R

Visor Holder is Compatible with Helmet &  Compatible with Replacement Visor PW92  PW99..

£3.85 (Ex VAT) £4.62 (Inc VAT)

Dual Power Headtorch

DescriptionBrightness 100 LumensRun time 8 HoursBatteries Included AAA x 3Function High-Medium-Flash..

£6.75 (Ex VAT) £8.10 (Inc VAT)

LED Head Torch

Description ..

£4.68 (Ex VAT) £5.62 (Inc VAT)


The Ledlenser iSEO3 is a robust, high quality work head lamp designed for professionals who need to ..

£30.25 (Ex VAT) £36.30 (Inc VAT)


The hands free ISE05R Ledlenser is a high quality rechargeable Head lamp precision engineered to mee..

£65.95 (Ex VAT) £79.14 (Inc VAT)

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